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Growing Carrots And Parsnips

Written by Tildenet Marketing


Posted on 28 January 2010

Haxnicks' Vigoroot Pots Full Of Life

Growing carrots just got easier. Carrots and parsnips are sown directly into the garden but they can be sown in our Patio Planter range and then they can be either left outside the Kitchen door or on a Balcony for easy access or transplanted when they reach a suitable size.

Both Carrots and Parsnips are crops that can be grown all year round. As is the leek. They will grow in all conditions except extreme heat. A crop rotation system with leeks, onions, garlic and other root crops is very recommended if you have the space.

However with Patio Planter this is not necessary! If you do plant out it is a advisable to intersperse the carrots with rows of onions or garlic. The smell will keep pests away from the carrots.

Once the seedlings are about 2” tall they should be thinned out. Thin to about 1” apart and when 6” tall to 2” apart. At this stage excessive or overwatering should be avoided as it will tend to crack the roots. Remember if you still are growing carrots and parsnips and they are still in the ground by mid-November they should be lifted before the heavy frosts. They can then be stored in a cool place for up to 5 months.



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