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Garden Maypole Decorative Plant Support

Written by Nicola Wallis

What is the Garden Maypole Plant Support:

This Haxnicks Garden Maypole Plant Support is a versatile and elegant way of growing climbing plants and flowers in your garden.

Where can I use them: 

The Garden Maypole measures 100cm wide x 190 cm high and can be used wherever you wish although you may want it somewhere where you can show it off as it's suitable for flowers or vegetables and bridges the gap between functionality and ornamental interest.

What's so special about the Garden Maypole Plant Support?

They are special as they are specifically designed for all climbing annuals and perennial flowers such as sweet peas and clematis. The galvanised steel anchor pegs and robust centre pole (made from black powder coated steel) has rot proof strings for the plant to follow and wrap themselves around. As plants grow, they pull strings tighter giving extra rigidity to the maypole structure which, allows heavier plants such as runner beans and climbing French beans to be grown. A Haxnicks Garden Maypole adds elegance and drama to your garden and two can be used together to create an elegant entrance to your garden or veg plot.

Find out more:

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