What is SpeedHoe Precision?

It's an exceptionally efficient weeding tool ideal for weeding small spaces, containers and raised beds. A short handled version of the best-selling SpeedHoe, the SpeedHoe

Precision features a stainless steel multi-blade angled head, powerful cutting and chopping action. It has a quality hardwood handle and is a lightweight alternative hoe  for single handed use, making gardening less of a work out.

What is SpeedHoe Precision for?

It is designed  for hoeing borders, raised beds and any small space that requires quick weeding and pin point accuracy. It is ideal for gardeners who find using tools difficult as it is light enough to use one handed. It's also good for urban gardeners growing in containers and raised beds as it works well when space is limited, and it is easy to store.

Using SpeeHoe weeds and tills soil helping to maintain perfect growing conditions by breaking and opening up the soil allowing air and rainfall to penetrate. This also exposes pests to birds for organic pest control.

To find out more about this amazing weeding tool watch gardening expert Pippa Greenwood using it in action:

Nicola Wallis