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Potato Patio Planters Planting Instructions

Written by Grandpa Haxnicks


Posted on 12 May 2009

Planting instructions for Potato Patio Planters

Seed Potatoes are on sale from December and throughout the Spring, and again in July/August for planting for Autumn and Christmas. Each Patio Planter is suitable for planting 3 seed tubers, or 4 tubers if very small 'baby potatoes' are required. By planting each potato planter at 4 week intervals you will be able to harvest over a longer period. 

Planting instructions

Place your seed potatoes in a cool but frost-free place in egg boxes or shallow trays in full light, so that they can form sturdy shoots (chits) about 2.5cm (1 inch) long. This takes approximately 5 weeks.

For each patio planter you will need approximately 40 litres of good general purpose compost. Pour approximately 10cm (4 inches) into the bottom of the planter. Plant your seed potatoes, with the shoots or eyes facing upwards, and cover with 5cm (2 inches) of compost. Keep the compost slightly damp, but do not over-water.

When the shoots have grown 7cm (3 inches) high, add another layer of compost to leave the tips of the shoots just showing, keeping the compost damp each time. Repeat this process until the compost and shoots are 3 cm (1 inch) from the top. When the Potato Planter is full and the leaves of the plants are showing, feed weekly with a high potash/ low nitrogen soluble plant food. If there is danger of frost, cover with fleece and remove when the frost has passed.



When the small white or pink flowers have died back your potatoes are ready to harvest. Simply dig down into the planter to see if your potatoes are ready, and look out for the planter bulging, another sign of good potato growth. Remove a few potatoes at a time, or tip the planter out to reveal a bumper harvest. If you want larger tubers then continue feeding and watering for another few weeks.

You Will Need

  • Potato patio planters
  • 40 litres high quality multi-purpose compost/planter. (120 litres for the 3 planters)
  • 3 or 4 seed potatoes / planter (9 - 12 seeds for the 3 planters)
  • Liquid feed

Now you can enjoy the taste of Home-grown Spuds!



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