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Time to harvest courgettes and see what has and hasn't made it this year...

Written by Sarah Talbot


Posted on 11 July 2018


Firstly, I have to say we seem to have been very lucky with the English weather this spring/summer. The Haxnicks Raised Beds have worked spectacularly for the courgette plants. with the help of the rain and sun. Early in the season we took the polythene cover off as the air temperature was so high we feared the courgette plants would get too hot. Within weeks there were courgette flowers and tiny courgettes... so tempting to pick them in over excitement. 


By week 8, fully grown courgettes were ready to be made into ratatouille using my trusty Rocknife Unfortunately the cucumbers seemed to have vanished - where they have gone is beyond me. I imagine that when we took the polythene cover off a little mouse came along and ate them.

Elsewhere in the garden the tomatoes are coming along nicely, I'm just waiting to see their fruit. We also have a bed full of the most humongous sage and thyme ready for picking. And whatsmore the courgettes are still coming through thick and fast. This is honestly the first time I have grown a vegetable and I know that I will be doing this next year without a doubt. - Absolutely effortless!



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