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Grandpa Haxnicks’ Brexit Busting Striped Tomato

Written by Sarah Talbot


Posted on 1 April 2018

Striped tomatoes??

If you have the time, energy and the space, breeding your own tomato variety - with the traits and taste that appeal most to you - can be quite easy and fulfilling. Striped tomatoes are certainly no exception. It takes little equipment and is immensely satisfying. The difficulty in slicing a tomato evenly to make the perfect cheese and tomato sandwich is clear. Its something that I have been pondering in my greenhouse for quite a while. A problem indeed. The tricky hybrid has finally come to fruition with the perfection of my Brexit Busting Haxnicks’ Striped Tomato which is set to revolutionise sandwich production from this day forward. “Brexit and American trade tariffs are looming. People will be ditching the fancy brie and cranberry in favour of the traditional British cheese and tomato sandwich. And I am pleased to say they will no longer have to struggle” 

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Locally sourced

In line with their belief in working with local suppliers the new tomatoes launched in the Co-op Store in Mere, Wiltshire today. April 1st. Andrew Tuck, Store Manager said “customers absolutely love them, its solved a problem they never really knew they had and we sold out within hours of them arriving in store” 

4 striped tomatos on a plate

There are three common ways to There are three common ways to create your own tomato variety,, and each can be done by the home gardener with time and patience. The one I chose was cross-pollination to create Grandpa Haxnicks’ Brexit Busting Striped tomato. Normally I would select my tomatoes grown from F2 seed in terms of attributes such as taste and colour. But this time it was all about the stripes for me and solving the major problem facing the British public. I am currently working on a chequered tomato for easy Bruschetta production. This will hopefully be ready by 1st April 2020.



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