What to do with used compost from your Patio Planters

Blog post by Robbie

Patio Planters that were once filled with beautiful flowering peas, towering tomatoes and luscious lettuces, are now completely bare - so, what now?
You can use your 'spent' compost again, but it will be fairly deficient in nutrients and if the plants you grew had any pest or disease related problems you may find these come back and effect the next lot.Haxnicks Patio PlantersIt is usually best to use multipurpose compost from the garden centre to ensure your plants are getting the best possible start.What to do with 'old' compost:
  • Use as a Mulch* for trees and bushes
  • Top-dressing for raised beds and borders
Or alternatively:
  • Add to compost heap
  • Offer to members of your local allotment
Be careful if you've added any stones or gravel to the bottom of your planters - you may want to try and separate that from the rest of the compost before using it for another purpose.  If your crops were unaffected by disease or pests then you could just leave the gravel mix in the bottom for next time.
If you would like any further information or have your own comments, please feel free to add them below...Mulch is 'garden jargon' for adding a protective layer over soil.  Doing this helps to retain moisture, provide nutrients and suppress weed growth or weed seed germination.
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