The Potty Gardener's Purple Carrot Recipe

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I think that I have pulled up the perfect purple carrot (and created a new tongue twister) !

I was so excited by my first harvest of such beautiful specimens that with the speed and greed of Peter Rabbit I immediately munched my way through the first two, mud and all, savouring their flavour and satisfyingly carroty crunch.  However, as the greatest joy of growing your own veg is in sharing and showing them off with family and friends then I felt that a feast was called for.

Purple Carrots grown with Haxnicks Products

On a hot July day (there was one I promise), I did not want to be anywhere near a hot stove. I also wanted to preserve the just picked carroty crunch, so I felt that a hearty salad would be the perfect way to show off these pretty purple prizes.

Here is my recipe for a quick, tasty and filling salad that looks pretty and is so healthy that you can gorge on it like a rabbit in a carrot patch!

Purple Carrots prepared for Cooking

Bulgar wheat, purple carrot and feta salad   (serves 4 )

200g bulgar wheat, cooked in salted water until tender,

200g roughly chopped Feta Cheese

2 to 4 finely chopped purple carrots ( dep on size)

Fresh chopped parsley and chives

French dressing

Black pepper

Prepare the ingredients, marvel at the rainbow of colours inside your purple carrots, assemble the salad in a pretty dish, let friends and family admire, and guzzle as if Mr McGregor is round the corner!

Purple Carrot Feta Salad Recipe from Haxnicks






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