'Snowflake' Designer Fleece Jackets

  • Snowed Under!

    Haxnicks Fleece Jackets
    Looks like snow Jackets
    will remain in great demand
    even after Christmas!

    Due to the recent heavy snowfall, delivery services have pretty much ground to a halt here in Wiltshire, so we are finding it very difficult to get any more orders out before Christmas!

    We aim to keep you updated on the situation - currently we are being told by our couriers that they have a huge backlog to get through, and are unable to guarantee the delivery of any further orders before the 25th.
    We are still taking orders as normal through the website and over the phone, and expect things to return to normal after the New Year.

    Seasons Greetings,

    The Team @ Haxnicks

  • Potato progress - Winter crops

    Haxnicks Potato Patio Planters

    Hopefully, you are all enjoying your own home-grown potatoes by now, and doesn't the taste make it all worthwhile? But it ain't over til the fat lady sings (at christmas) - Once you've emptied your Potato Patio Planters, keep them in mind, as you can very easily have another batch of fresh home-grown spuds ready for the Christmas table!

    All you have to do is replant from mid-August to early September. Seed potatoes will be available from most garden centres and mail-order companies - Alternatively, you could just keep back a few spuds from your summer crop and use them as your seed potatoes! Add a little straw/old leaves to the bottom of your planter - as this rots it will help to provide some warmth, protecting your winter potatoes from the cold. Then plant as normal.

    Potato foliage cannot handle the frost, so ideally bring your planters inside as the cold comes on - a greenhouse, barn, or the kitchen will do, as long as there is some light. As normal, don't soak your potatoes, but ensure the soil remains moist. (Sorry to all those of you who dislike the word 'moist', but it does the job!)

    Haxnicks Fleece Jackets

    It will also help to cover your plants with fleece to warm them - there are various fleece jackets available, which pop over the plant very easily - why not choose a decorated one for a bit more colour against the drabness of winter?

    Hope you're enjoying your harvests, long may they last!

    Love to grow!

  • Christmas at Haxnicks!

    Happy Christmas from Haxnicks
    Here comes Christmas, the offices are festooned with decorations and everyone is starting to get excited!

    For the serious gardener, pretty much any Haxnicks product makes a cracking present, but for those of you who are still struggling to complete that oh so challenging gift list, I thought I'd highlight the best that we have to offer when it comes to getting the perfect present.

    You'll find everything on our website, just tap in the name in the search box.

    Victorian Bell Cloches for GardensHaxnicks Glass Bell Jars are a popular gift item, being aesthetically pleasing AND very practical - whether sitting over a prized plant in the garden, detering pests, cats, frost, children and any number of other hazards, or taking a more domestic role as a cheeseboard cover/cake cover, these bells will always make an original and successful present.

    The Bell Jars are available in 3 different sizes - follow the labels at the end of the article for more information...

    The Haxnicks Jute Naturally range has some brilliant Christmas bits and bobs...

    Jute Sacks from Haxnicks for CompostingJute Insulation roll comes in a very festive green or red, and also in a natural jute colour. Although we designed this for insulating pots, it is also used for wrapping up water pipes against the frost, decorating the Christmas tree pot, and any number of other jobs where a natural look and a bit of colour make all the difference. The rolls are complimented by Jute Naturally Ribbon, also in Red, Green and Natural.

    Designer Easy Fleece Jackets from HaxnicksDesigner Fleece Jackets are as colourful as you can get when it comes to frost protection!!! Available in 3 different designs, Autumn leaf, Green Leaf, and Snowflake, these jackets are designed to slip over your pot plants/hanging baskets/ferns etc, or any other plant that can't be moved in for protection from the frosts. We have produced green fleece jackets very successfully for many years, but now have a more colourful option for those that like a bit more fun in an otherwise drab winter garden.

    I hope some of these ideas help out with the shopping stress - I haven't started shopping yet, but there and again I've got some ideas.

    Happy Christmas from all at Haxnicks, and we look forward to hearing from you in the New Year.

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