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  • Madeline's Corner: carrots & beans & this weeks' jobs

    carrots & beans_surrounded by micromesh

    Carrots & beans.  This week has been a little lazy, eating your produce is a must so lots of lovely bean salads.

    Some nasty little bugs have had a go at my carrots and the wind has been ‘burning’ my tomatoes, so I have made out of bamboo and micromesh material – which is a little like fleece but tougher - a sort of barricade rather like a windshield that you have on the beach. Already the tomatoes have got the greenness back into their leaves.

    I have also been pulling up and eating every other carrot to eat as sweet and yummy nibbles, leaving more space for the remaining carrots to grow larger. Also when pulling up the beetroot, I take the largest leaving more space for the others to grow.

    My peas are over, I have left a few pods on the plants to get dry and old. I will keep these in a marked envelope on a dry windowsill to plant out next year.

    As always don’t forget to weed so that the maximum energy can go into your vegetables.

  • Madeleine's Corner: Feast or Famine

    Well it seems to be feast or famine with the rain, watering was not an issue last week! At least here in Wiltshire anyhow.

    The peas, broad beans, lettuces are all ready for harvesting. If you have too many lettuces – give some away, they won’t last. Hopefully you have another lot coming up soon.

    If you planted beetroot, you can use some of the smaller leaves in a salad. You may also need to thin out your beetroot, cooking the little golf ball sized ones, leaving space in the ground for the others to grow. Keep the edges of your patches under control, the grass is still growing and before you know it, it has invaded your patch and is spreading weeds.

    The fruits and berries have been unbelievable. There have been so many I haven’t known what to do with them. So pick them all before the birds and slugs beat you and put them into the deepfreeze waiting until you have time to either make a jam or incorporate them into a pudding. Remember that Strawberries come out like jelly if you freeze them.

    Keep an eye on the slugs, greenfly and caterpillars. Pinch off any caterpillars, re-home the slugs, and I suppose spray the greenfly. Do it or you will lose your crops. Slugs come out at dusk, so if you are really keen take a torch. Sow some more carrots for the winter and some more basil to see you through the summer.

  • Haxnicks Long Fruit Cage - keep your fruit safe from pests

    Fruit Cage

    Amateur Gardening Magazine is a definite Haxnicks' fave with all of us here, and with offices in Poole, Dorset - not too far away either.
    However, we had a real shock when leafing through a recent issue...

    Using Haxnicks Easy Tunnels for a fence
    Gardening editor Kris Collins with our fruit cage sawn in half!!


    Haxnicks Fruit Cages in the Press

    Ok, on closer inspection, we noticed that he hadn't butchered our beloved long fruit cage, only created a brand new 6m one from the 3m long original!  Our cages are incredibly versatile, lightweight and easy to manipulate, and Kris has proved this brilliantly.

    So that made us think - what can you make with yours?  Read the instructions that are included for ideas, and then send in photos of your creations.  You're guaranteed to appear in our customer's photos album, and you may even win a prize!

    Send images to [email protected]

    Fruit Cages are available now in most garden centres and online!

    Haxnicks started with some plastic cloches.  More exciting new products were designed and added to the range, and before long Haxnicks became well known for its quality and original ideas. Many keen gardeners have now come to trust the Haxnicks brand above all others.

    Our blog has plenty of tips and advice on growing your own and new product announcements. You can also follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook or watch our videos on YouTube!

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