Start them gardening young!

Haxnicks My First Vegetable Garden/Sandpit is an ideal educational product for getting children into growing plants from an early age. This brightly coloured 75cm square patio planter will encourage children to grow herbs and vegetables in their very own raised bed which creates an ideal growing environment for small plants that the children can tend themselves from digging to watering and harvesting. And if they don’t have green fingers, it can double as a sandpit!
My Child's First Patio Planter from Haxnicks
Kids love the Haxnicks My First Patio Planter/Sandpit
Why not try radishes which are a great starter vegetable for kids because they are easy to grow and are ready for eating within a month of
sowing. Courgettes are also easy to grow as are carrots and lettuces.
Children will love having their very own "garden" to tend!
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