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Haxnicks Easy Tunnels

We've had a bit of confusion over the special offers available on our Easy Tunnel Range, so here's some clarification:

We love our Easy Tunnel Range and they have been used by Gardeners for almost 15 years now, a regular best seller for Haxnicks, strong, reuseable, study and easy to use. We have also improved them over years with drawstring closing ends, stronger hoops and improved sewing to firmly hold the hoops in place.

So available varieties:

  1. Easy Poly Tunnels and Giant Easy Poly Tunnels - great for soil warming and propagation - they great a green house like environment
  2. Easy Net Tunnels and Giant Easy Net Tunnels - great for pest control and providing a little shade to more sensitive plants
  3. Easy Fleece Tunnels and Giant Easy Fleece Tunnels - ideal for growing vegetable crops as they provide warmth and pest control, they also allow water to pass through.


  1. Standard Tunnels are all £19.99
  2. Giant Tunnels are all £24.99

Simple and easy pricing allowing you to mix and match your products.

Easy Tunnels from Haxnicks

Special Offer
We are currently running discounts for Multi Buys - A Double Pack (or 2 Tunnels) will save £10, while the Triple Pack will save £15.  It's the same offer for all Tunnels regardless of size or type.  If you buy three tunnels you get a £15 discount.

Many customers are asking if they can buy mixed Multi Buys and still get the discounts, please call us direct on 0845 241 1555 and we can apply the right discount for you

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