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  • Haxnicks Goes to Chelsea

    For the first time Haxnicks will be appearing at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2009.Haxnicks at the 2009 RHS Chelsea Flower ShowWe will be selling Rootrainers, Patio Planters, Canetoppers and Soft-tie off the stand, and offering mail order delivery on the rest of the Haxnicks product range. Also there is a special show discount of 15% on all payments taken at the stall.

    Come and find us at Stall EA110 to buy, order, or just to have a chat!

  • Amateur Gardening review for Speedhoe

    Julia Heaton tries out the Haxnicks Speedhoe...
    Click on the article to enlarge it, and by the way, the "short-skirted, wellie-wearing model" is actually the MD's sister...

    Haxnicks' Speedhoe in the Press

  • Patio Planters for Britain's Favourite Home Grown Veg

    Some of Britain’s most popular home-grown vegetables – peas, beans, tomatoes – need more upward growing space, which is not always easy to accommodate on patios and balconies.

    Patio Planters from HaxnicksHelp is at hand, Haxnicks is extending its best-selling Patio Planter™ range with the addition of a green Pea & Bean Patio Planter (RRP £19.99) that comes with a six- foot tall adjustable tubular-steel growing frame; and a red Climbing Tomato Patio Planter (RRP £19.99) complete with a three-sided, metal climbing support frame.

    Haxnicks have also launched an alternative tomato planter, the Tomato (Bush & Trailing) Patio Planters (RRP £14.99). A pack of three 45cm-high red planters which provide the extra height needed to accommodate bush and trailing varieties.

    The robust planters are made from woven polyethylene and come with sturdy handles on each side. To ensure the best possible drainage, they have reinforced drainage holes in and around the sides of the base. They are ideal for small gardens, patios and balconies and, unlike most large planters, fold away flat for easy storage.

    Haxnicks' Vegetable Patio Planters on SaleThe reusable planters make a great value alternative to regular containers and provide the space-efficient option when space is at a premium. New Haxnicks Patio Planters™ are available now from all good garden centres. For more information, call Haxnicks on 0845 241 1555.

  • The Amazing SpeedHoe™

    Haxnicks' SpeedHoeThe amazing SpeedHoe™, the latest innovation from plant protection specialists, Haxnicks, is the gardener’s new best friend in the fight against weeds. It has a unique multi-blade design and angled head that produces a powerful cutting and chopping action with the minimum of effort.

    The SpeedHoe’s angled head has sharp blades on the front, rear and sides, creating a powerful, strong cutting action beneath the earth’s surface in whichever direction it is pushed away or pulled back. There’s no need to turn the blade when using it and the compact head makes it efficient and easy to manoeuvre between plants of all sizes, keeping them safe from accidental damage.

    The SpeedHoe’s long handle gives a much greater reach and is positioned at an angle ergonomically designed for maximum working comfort, reducing the need for bending and thus minimizing potential aches and strains. Large areas of weed or heavy, lumpy soil can be worked over quickly and with little effort, helping create the best possible growing conditions for plants in beds and borders.

    To see the SpeedHoe in action, a short informative video can be viewed on YouTube, or search for: SpeedHoe.

    Haxnicks SpeedHoe™ (RRP £24.99) is available from all good garden centres from February 2009. For more information, call Haxnicks on 0845 241 1555 or click here.

  • FSC Timber Raised Beds for Small Spaces

    Haxnicks, the plant protection specialist, has developed an easy-to-build Raised Bed Growing System that requires little maintenance and is ideal for growing vegetables, salads and herbs in small garden spaces. The 100% FSC-certified timber raised bed measures 1 metre by 1.2 metre and comes with an optional fitted frame and choice of two protective covers.

    Haxnicks Raised Bed Growing System is made up of four parts. The Raised Bed Base (RRP £39.99) is easily built using the four lengths of FSC-certified, pressure-treated timber and rust-free corner-joining brackets. The single bed is 15 cm (6 inch) deep, but if greater depth is required, extension brackets are supplied to secure multiple tiers of the bed base.

    Haxnicks' Raised Bed for the garden

    The Raised Bed Frame (RRP £17.99) provides a 50cm high, arched, black-metal framework for the protective covers. It slots securely into holes in the joining brackets of the timber base. The covers can then be fitted and secured at the corners for a snug fit.

    Create a mini-greenhouse with the PVC Weather Protection Cover (RRP £11.99), it warms the soil for earlier planting and retains warmth and humidity for quicker growth. Flaps at either end make ventilation easy. Made of heavy-duty, clear PVC, it provides robust weather protection for newly-sown crops.

    The Micromesh™ Pest Protection Cover (RRP £11.99) helps retain soil moisture whilst providing the best possible protection from insects, including aphids and carrot fly, and other pests. The ultra-fine mesh allows air and water to easily pass through, but protects against scorching and other weather damage.

    Haxnicks Raised Bed Growing Systems are available from all good garden centres from February 2009. For stockists or more information, call Haxnicks on 0845 241 1555 or take a look at our online pages.

  • Go Large with the Haxnicks Grower

    Plant protection specialist, Haxnicks is launching a versatile new growing tunnel for plants up to 1 metre in height. The Haxnicks Grower offers a practical solution for raising and protecting large numbers of taller plants, useful for large brassicas and small fruit bushes. It takes only minutes to erect and is easily placed and secured over a nursery bed. It will work hard all year round in the garden, as a temporary greenhouse in spring for pots and trays and as a useful over-wintering station for tender patio plants.

    The Haxnicks Grower Frame is sold separately from its covers. The Grower Frame (RRP £36.99) is made from tubular black powder-coated steel which slots together to make a sturdy, rust-proof frame measuring 3 metres long by 1 metre wide by 1 metre high. Ground pegs are included to secure it to the ground. The covers fit snugly over the frame; they are available in two different materials to give the best protection and shelter throughout the year. With four side zips for easy access and watering, the Haxnicks Grower couldn’t be easier to use.

    Haxnicks Garden Grower

    The Grower Poly Cover (RRP £26.99) is made from heavy-duty, clear polythene for robust weather and pest protection and an enhanced growing environment; the retained warmth and humidity is controlled using the insect-proof ventilation flaps at either end.

    The Grower Pest Protection Cover (RRP £26.99) is made from Haxnicks’ award-winning Micromesh™ for the best possible protection from insects, including aphids and carrot fly, and other pests. The ultra-fine mesh allows air and water to easily pass through, but protects against scorching and other weather damage.

    The Haxnicks Grower Frame and Grower Covers are available from all good garden centres from February 2009. For stockists or more information, call Haxnicks on 0845 241 1555 or see our Grower System pages online.

  • New Soft Tie - Woody Brown and Extra, Extra Long

    Haxnicks Soft-TiePlant protection specialists, Haxnicks, have added a new ‘woody-brown’ colour option and larger pack sizes to their award-winning* plant tie range. Haxnicks’ new Woody Soft-Tie, like the innovative pale green version, is available in two widths, Slim or Original, so you can choose the right amount of cushioning to fit the job and protect your plant stems from damage.

    Original Soft-Tie (RRP £4.99 for 5m), with a 7mm diameter, provides superior cushioning and strength and is the perfect choice for tying up plants that are heavily-laden with growing crops, or for tying up the thicker stems of trees, shrubs, roses, large climbers and fruit bushes. It’s also a good choice for securing plants susceptible to wind damage.

    Slim Soft-Tie (RRP £4.99 for 8m), 3.5mm in diameter, is designed for use with the thinner, more delicate stems of climbing annuals, young vegetables and shrubs, tall perennials and houseplants. Both are now available in the new ‘woody-brown’ colour.

    Haxnicks Woody Soft-Tie is the discreet choice for tying up woody stems, for training climbers, and for securing cane and willow structures.

    Soft-Tie has an inner core of galvanised steel wire, which gives it its strength, and an outer coating of a unique, UV-stabilised rubber compound, which gently cushions and protects plant stems. It’s easy to secure with just a twist (no need for fiddly knots) and can be cut with a sturdy pair of scissors. With a couple of quick twists, the tie may be quickly and easily adjusted to accommodate growing stems. Put a twist between the support and the stem and you have a ready-made spacer to prevent damage from chafing. Soft-Tie is long-lasting, does not rot, and can be washed and re-used.

    All four types – Original, Slim, Woody Original, Woody Slim – are available in new Soft-Tie Maxi Reels (RRP £19.99), offering extra value to gardeners with five times the length for four times the price – a saving of 20%. Original is available in 25 metre Maxi Reels and Slim in 40 metre Maxi Reels.

  • New Fruit and Veg Planters in time for Christmas

    Following the success of the Potato Patio Planters, Haxnicks is launching four more similar products in time for the Christmas market. Orders are being taken now for delivery from September.

    A pack of Vegetable Patio Planters contains three planters of varying sizes – deep, medium and shallow – to accommodate different types of vegetable and salad plants. They are accompanied by a detailed growing guide that includes which varieties suit each container and how many to plant in each. Available in either a plain jute design or a fun photo-pictorial design, they will capture the growing consumer interest in both children’s gardening and healthy-eating.

    The Kitchen Herb Patio Planters and the Strawberry Patio Planters contain two planters per pack.

    Strawberry patio Planters from Haxnicks Vegetable Patio Planters from Haxnicks Kitchen Herb Patio Planters from Haxnicks Haxnicks' Vegetable Patio Planters

    The planters have an open top with eight pockets around the side. They have slightly different
    dimensions but are both available in dark green with a decorative rim. Both come with detailed growing guides and useful tips for a successful crop.

    Now, with Haxnicks Patio Planters, anybody can easily grow organic fruit and veg. They are ideal for use in small gardens, or on patios and balconies. They will appeal to the increasing numbers of consumers who want to ‘grow their own’ and try organic alternatives to the usual supermarket produce. Made from a tough, woven polyethylene (the same material as the Potato Patio Planters), the Patio Planters come with reinforced drainage holes and handles on each side so they can be easily moved around.

    All five products in the Haxnicks Patio Planter range have a suggested retail price of £14.99.

  • Aerated Polythene is Ripening for Success

    Eco Green Advanced Plant Protection from HaxnicksA unique new fabric from Haxnicks – EcoGreen™ Aerated Polythene – helps gardeners to achieve fully ripened garden produce without the aid of a greenhouse.

    Growing ripe melons, strawberries, chillies, peppers, tomatoes and other similar fruit and vegetables outside can be a challenge, but EcoGreen™ Aerated Polythene has been specially developed to promote the ripening process.

    This new horticultural fabric is lightweight polythene with unique perforations that perform two vital functions. The perforations are 20mm in diameter allowing easy access for pollinating insects, so plants can be kept protected throughout the season without the need to uncover for pollination. The perforations also ensure that crops are kept well ventilated, allowing air and moisture to freely circulate around the plants, keeping them healthy and reducing the risk of disease.

    As an added benefit, the Aerated Polythene provides protection from harsh weather and keeps off the birds. Other uses include weather and pest protection for seed beds and newly sown lawns – when laid flat on the ground it retains warmth and moisture which stimulates seed germination.

    Haxnicks EcoGreen™ Aerated Polythene is available as a folded sheet – 1.8 metres wide by 10 metres long – and comes in a pale green colour which makes it less obtrusive in the garden. Priced at £14.99.

    Propagation Blanket from Haxnicks Haxnicks Garden Products can be brought online
  • Scientific Solutions for Long-Term Weed Control

    Du Pont GreenVista working with HaxnicksLaying weed barrier is a significant investment of time and money, but worth it, as it can save many hours of tedious weeding in future years. DuPont™ GreenVista® high-performance weed barriers are guaranteed to last up to 25 years when properly installed - years longer than other available fabrics.

    Well-known for technically-advanced materials such as Kevlar®, Lycra®, and Teflon®, DuPont has successfully applied its scientific expertise to the challenge of long-lasting weed control in the garden. The durable fabrics will not tear or fray and they are 100% permeable to air, water and nutrients. Their unique non-woven structure allows a water flow rate up to 2.5 times greater than other fabrics.

    Haxnicks Garden Products can be brought onlineDuPont™ GreenVista® Premium Weed Control is a heavy weight material (68g/m²) designed for use in beds, borders and under decking. It is guaranteed to last 20 years when covered with a 5cm layer of mulch. Available in a 15 metre roll (1 metre wide) priced at £16.99 – or as a flat-packed sheet (3 metres x 2 metres) priced at £8.99.

    DuPont™ GreenVista® Pro-advanced Landscape Fabric is an extra-heavy weight material (90g/m²) for using under patios, paths and driveways. The tough fabric helps stabilise the ground underneath, keeping it level, whilst allowing surface water to pass quickly through. It is guaranteed for 25 years when covered with at least 5cm of gravel, paving stones or other landscaping material. Available in a 15 metre roll (1 metre wide) priced at £22.99.

    Haxnicks Garden Products can be brought onlineIt is advisable to secure fabric to the ground with DuPont™ GreenVista® Anchor Pins: speciallydesigned, u-shaped, galvanised-steel pegs, priced at £3.99 for 10.

    DuPont™ GreenVista® weed barrier fabrics are now available in attractive.

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