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  • Cloche Sales Rocket as more people "Grow Their Own"

    Easy Tunnels from HaxnicksHaxnicks, specialists in chemical-free plant protection products, report record sales of cloches in 2006.

    Retail sales of the Haxnicks’ Easy Tunnel cloches have shown steady growth over the last five years, culminating in an impressive 57% year-on-year increase in unit sales for 2006. Sales of the standardsized tunnels increased by 41%, and sales of the higher-priced, giant size more than doubled – up 138%.

    Haxnicks Easy Net Tunnels showed the strongest growth overall, unit sales up 152% in the last five years, indicative of the growing trend for year-round, chemical-free protection of crops and now accounting for 26% of total tunnel cloche sales. Unit sales of Giant Easy Net Tunnels quadrupled their sales over the same period.

    Easy Tunnels from Haxnicks“Without doubt, Haxnicks’ sales reflect the increase in popularity of growing your own vegetables, coupled with the rise in all things organic”, comments Damian Cardozo, Haxnicks’ MD. “More and more gardeners are appreciating the horticultural benefits of cloches, whilst seeking chemical-free alternatives for protecting their crops. Haxnicks’ unique products cater for this rapidly expanding market”.

  • Home Grown Potatoes for Everyone

    Home Grown Potatoes for Everyone from HaxnicksHaxnicks has launched an innovative new product which will enable anyone to grow potatoes, even if they do not have a garden.

    The new Haxnicks Potato Patio Planter is a planting bag made from tough, green woven polyethylene. It comes complete with drainage holes and with handles on both sides so it can be easily moved. The planters stand 45cm high and hold approximately 40 litres of compost. They have been designed for use on patios and balconies, or in small gardens where there is no space for growing vegetables.

    The re-usable planters come in packs of three. On the reverse of the pack, there are detailed instructions on how to grow and harvest your potatoes.

    “More and more people are coming to appreciate the huge difference in the taste of home-grown vegetables,” comments Malcolm Andrews, Haxnicks Sales Director. “The Potato Patio Planter now makes it easy for anyone to grow delicious home-grown spuds. The good news is that no digging is required!”

    Haxnicks Potato Patio Planters, priced at £14.99 for a pack of three.

  • Runners around the Maypole

    Just because something is practical doesn’t mean it has to be boring. The new Haxnicks Garden Maypole Plant Support is an attractive frame for climbing plants that bridges the gap between functionality and ornamental interest.

    Decorative vegetable gardening is not a new idea. With a little thought, vegetables and herbs can be used as a key feature in your ornamental garden. Many have interesting textures, colourful foliage and flowers. When grown alongside traditional ornamental plants, they can bring added interest and create wonderful contrasts and harmonies. Simply designing your vegetable garden in a different way, introducing trellises, archways and other architectural features, can make a big difference and make it visually more appealing.

    Haxnicks Garden Maypole stands over six feet tall creating an elegant frame for climbing vegetables such as runner beans, French beans, mange tout and peas. The centre pole and decorative finial are made from black powder-coated steel, from which the eight rot-proof, polypropylene strings radiate out and are secured by galvanised-steel anchor pegs.

    “Runner beans are one of Britain’s most popular home-grown vegetables”, comments Malcolm Andrews, Haxnicks Sales Director. “Feedback from sales of the Garden Maypole suggests that Britain’s gardeners are getting more adventurous about where and how they grow them.”

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