No more pot bound plants

Fed up with re-potting patio plants? Haxnicks
new VigorootTM planters have a technically advanced growing fabric liner that
encourages stronger roots and more productive plants, removing the need to re-pot as frequently.
Haxnicks Vegetable Patio Planters
Vigroroot Planters come in a range of sizes for different fruit trees and shrubs
VigorootTM fabric liners work by ‘air-pruning’ the roots of plants, encouraging more
vigorous rooting which in turn enables the plant to absorb more nutrients. When the root tips reach the side of the Vigoroot fabric an air pruning process takes place, enabling the roots to continue to develop without root-balling and thereby removing the need to re-pot. This enables plants to grow to a much larger size in a relatively small planter and fruit bushes may not outgrow the planter for several years.
Haxnicks Garden Products can be brought online
Haxnicks Vigoroot Table Garden is ideal for growing fresh produce right outside your kitchen window
Haxnicks has used the fabric in a collection of VigorootTM planters with decorative flat
packed steel frames, ideal for growing small trees, herbs and vegetables on patios. The standard, large and long containers are great for patio orchards, ornamental and exotic plants whist the VigorootTM Table Garden lends itself to a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers.
VigorootTM planters are available from garden centres across the UK or
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