Mere School children get a taste of France

A taste of France at Mere School!  As part of their community activity Haxnicks has set up a partnership with its local Primary School.  This is to encourage the local children to start growing their own food.</p><p>

They were supplied with Rootrainers to grow beans and tomatoes.  Once grown they planted these round the Eiffel Tower.  They sold the remainder to some very grateful parents to raise funds for the School's Gardening Club.  Mrs Tavener who runs the Gardening Club reports that the Mere School children were very excited to receive an amazing Eiffel Tower garden support from Haxnicks.  The year 1 class were all keen to plant it with runner beans they had grown from seed.  The Gardening Club then planted some sweet peas they had grown.  As you can see, from these pictures taken in mid June, the beans had reached the top and the sweet peas needed picking daily.   She expressed her thanks to Haxnicks for giving such a lovely feature for their School garden.

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