Madeline's Corner: carrots & beans & this weeks' jobs

carrots & beans_surrounded by micromesh

Carrots & beans.  This week has been a little lazy, eating your produce is a must so lots of lovely bean salads.

Some nasty little bugs have had a go at my carrots and the wind has been ‘burning’ my tomatoes, so I have made out of bamboo and micromesh material – which is a little like fleece but tougher - a sort of barricade rather like a windshield that you have on the beach. Already the tomatoes have got the greenness back into their leaves.

I have also been pulling up and eating every other carrot to eat as sweet and yummy nibbles, leaving more space for the remaining carrots to grow larger. Also when pulling up the beetroot, I take the largest leaving more space for the others to grow.

My peas are over, I have left a few pods on the plants to get dry and old. I will keep these in a marked envelope on a dry windowsill to plant out next year.

As always don’t forget to weed so that the maximum energy can go into your vegetables.

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