It's the Holidays

Mid-August, - Sun, Holidays, and Harvest - we hope all your hard work has paid off and the vegetables are tasting good.

For Haxnicks, this is the time that we prepare for the new season -polishing off our new ideas and products, and visiting various Trade and Retail shows - Hampton Court, GLEE, Cologne and even Chicago. It's the season for us to make sure your local garden centre is well stocked for next year.

Haxnicks Designer Fleece Jackets

However, for you our customers, it is also a good time for you to stock up ready for the winter and we're currently offering 2 for 1 for any Fleece Jackets. Fleece Jackets can be used for bedded plants or container pots, in the vegetable garden, on the patio or for hanging baskets.

The concept is simple, save your plant from the cold frosts of winter. A Haxnicks Designer Fleece Jacket looks great in that garden and we have three types, 'Autumn', 'Snowflake' and 'Green Leaf', so plenty of choice is available. All Fleece Jackets come with a drawstring, so they are really easy to put on the plant.

So enjoy the harvest, and hopefully get some winter crops in the ground, but also start preparing your garden for the colder weather to come.

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