How to sow (and contain) Horseradish

How to grow Horseradish with Haxnicks Patio PlantersPost by Madeleine Cardozo

If, like me, you have had previous experience with horseradish, you will know that they seem to root everywhere and then you can never get rid of them.  A contained planter like this one (pictured) will do the job. Use ½ manure and ½ compost as horseradishes love manure. I've actually placed the planter in the greenhouse to start it off.

Note: Using Manure

Manure is a wonderful thing, it feeds the plants and keeps them healthy and warm.  In early February I put manure onto my raspberries, asparagus and in my vegetable patch, and also on my flower beds, roses and fruit trees.

Can you think of any other vegetables or herbs that would benefit from this system of sowing/planting?  Let us know in the comments box below!

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