Haxnicks Long Fruit Cage

Amateur Gardening Magazine is a definite Haxnicks' fave with all of us here, and with offices in Poole, Dorset - not too far away either.
However, we had a real shock when leafing through a recent issue...

Using Haxnicks Easy Tunnels for a fence
Gardening editor Kris Collins with our fruit cage sawn in half!!


Haxnicks Fruit Cages in the Press

Ok, on closer inspection, we noticed that he hadn't butchered our beloved long fruit cage, only created a brand new 6m one from the 3m long original!  Our cages are incredibly versatile, lightweight and easy to manipulate, and Kris has proved this brilliantly.

So that made us think - what can you make with yours?  Read the instructions that are included for ideas, and then send in photos of your creations.  You're guaranteed to appear in our customer's photos album, and you may even win a prize!

Send images to [email protected]

Fruit Cages are available now in most garden centres and online!

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