Haxnicks Fruit Cage Five Star Review

Haxnicks Fruit Cage in the Press

Hello Gardeners.

Just a quick boast from a proud Grandpa.. look out for our fruit cages featured in the June issue of Kitchen Garden Magazine this month. I am proud to say that they received an overall five star verdict from the grow-your-own experts in the KG team.

Haxnicks Round Fruit Cage

Round Fruit Cage

It can be a bit of a chore keeping birds and animals away from your precious crops, involving a tangle of netting and poles, but hopefully we have made it a little easier for you.  All our Fruit cages come with helpful instructions telling you how to put them together. The netting fits neatly over the top and because we are so nice we also give you the pegs to keep it all in place.

Haxnicks Grow Cage Chicken

Grow Cage

We have also added to the range with our new Grow Cage which is perfect for protecting precious veg from all manner of invasions and in particular from cheeky chickens.

Goodbye for now,
Grandpa Haxnicks

2 thoughts on “Haxnicks Fruit Cage Five Star Review”

  • Tracy Frankpitt
    Tracy Frankpitt 29th June 2020 at 11:42 AM

    Where can I buy replacement nets for the long cage and the round cage?

    • sarah talbot

      Hello, We don't do a replacement netting but you should find one here https://www.agriframes.co.uk/fruit-cages/fruit-cage-netting They don't have exactly what you had before (10mm netting) but they have a slightly larger bird netting and a slightly smaller butterfly netting depending on which way you want to err. I hope that is helpful. Your local garden centre should also stock appropriate netting so if you are able to get out then you could try there too.

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