Grow Cucumbers in your own back yard!

If you want to grow cucumbers then in this months Gardener's World Magazine, there were a few of our products used that will help you.

Did you spot our aqua coloured Pots Naturally and fleece Easy Tunnel?

Here are some more products to help you with your cucumber growing, whether sowing/planting outdoors, along the ground as suggested in GW, or climbing varieties inside the greenhouse...

GROWING OUTSIDE (trailing varieties): 

Victorian Bell Cloche

These fantastic plastic cloches are perfect for plants that belong to the plant family Cucurbitaceae.  Which includes cucumbers, squashes and melons.  As they thrive in humid conditions.  The cloches make sure the young plants are protected from frost, and the ventilation shaft at the top helps prevent wilting/scorching.  Beware of using these in summer, as it may become too hot - use Net Easy Tunnels in order to provide shade and protection from hungry garden visitors.

GROWING INSIDE (climbing varieties):

3 and 6 Cane Patio Planters

Haxnicks Patio Planters

Used with bamboo canes these planters are fantastic for tender climbing Curcurbits, and easy to move.  Use either long or short bamboo canes, depending on the height you wish your climbing cucumbers to reach.

Tomato Patio Planter

Our Tomato Patio Planters (in red, left) come with an attractive metal frame.  This allows tomatoes and cucumbers to grow within the structure.  It gives continuous support throughout the plants life. TIP: Grow your climbing vegetables to the top of the growing frame and then cut off the tip.  This allows the plant to concentrate it's efforts within the frame, giving you a bushier plant.

Soft Tie

Haxnicks Soft-TiesThis ingenious invention can be used for many things - in this case, Soft Tie can be used to secure the stems of your cucumbers up vertical supports (such as bamboo).    The wire inside is coated in rubber.  It's tough but won't damage your plants and so is ideal for securing the plant as it grows.

Good luck.  And please send us your pictures of your cucumbers growing in Haxnicks products, we would love to see them and will post them up on this web site for all to see!

2 thoughts on “Grow Cucumbers in your own back yard!”

  • Yes, 'Sweet Crunch' cucumbers from seed sown on 27th March.Doing well in a greenhouse and first true leaves coming. They will go out into an unheated side ventilated tunnel in mid May, probably. Fantastic results last year. Will try your ties but may be easier to use raffia. A bit of a traditionalist -me. Love your bell jars by the way!

  • That's great, Sue - yes, we like to think we are good at mixing traditional methods with new technology. Your Soft-Tie order is on the way - I'm sure you will find it incredibly useful for a wide variety of garden and household tasks!

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