Easy to open propagator

This year, more gardeners than ever are propagating their plants using Haxnicks RootrainersTM, a unique propagating tray for seeds, plugs and cuttings. The deep grooved modules encourage the faster formation of straight roots and the trays open out like a book
to avoid damaging the baby plants when planting out.
Haxnicks Rootrainers
The Rootrainers propagator can be popped on a window sill
RootrainersTM have specially designed cells with grooved sides that
encourage the main root to grow towards the drainage opening at the bottom
where the tip makes contact with the air and dies off, encouraging vigorous
root growth. This air-pruning produces a faster formation of straight roots
without root balls which is particularly good for growing sweet peas where a
long, vigorous root system is the key to strong plants.
Haxnicks Rootrainers
Opens like a book making it easy  to remove the plants


the plant is ready to be re-potted, the cells simply open like a book which makes it easy to remove the plug without damaging the root system. Each RootrainersTM pack contains a holding
tray, propagating lid and set of cells and can be reused year after year for
bedding plants, salads and herbs as well as for runner beans, fruit and
vegetables.As your local garden centre for Haxnicks Rootrainers. 
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