Dave Chappell & Haxnicks at the Lakeside Garden Centre

Robbie Cumming, Marketing/PR writes:

Spending the day at Lakeside in Warminster was invaluable to me and hopefully for some of the customers I spoke to.  The day started fairly slowly, but by the end I had a non-stop flow of families stopping by my Potato Patio Planter demonstration and asking all kinds of questions!Luckily, Champion Grower, RHS Gold Medallist and past Gardener's World presenter Dave 'Taffy Tatties' Chappell was on hand to help!

Haxnicks Garden Products can be brought online
Mr Chappell about to be showered in praise and/or compost from Robbie's Planter!

Mr Chappell is quite a character as some of you will know.  He travels the width and breadth of the country giving talks about growing and showing spuds, whilst entertaining everyone with his awful jokes.  I can say this as I know he won't be reading our blog, preferring the written letter to 'anti-social nit-twerping'!  So please, no one tell him!

If you would like to visit Lakeside Garden Centre (they do a cracking bacon and brie panini) you'll find them on the A350 just outside of Crockerton near Warminster in Wiltshire.  Call on 01985 217 413 for more information.

If you would like to contact Dave Chappell and perhaps invite him to your garden centre, school or gardening club you can call him on 01291 420 048.  Or why not write to him : Mr D Chappell, Taffy Tattie, 42 Caldicot Road, Rogiet NP26 3SE.  I don't think he has a Facebook page or Twitter account though!

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