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  • 2010 NVS Northern Branch Championships

    Haxnicks sponsored Class 1 of The Northern Branch of the National Vegetable Society's Championships this year.

    Peter Clark's Class-Winning Combo
    Peter Clark's Class-Winning Combo

    To exhibit in this class, each exhibitor could display one vegetable of each kind. The winner was Peter Clark, who was also awarded the 'Cockney Bowl' (wonder if he celebrated by doing the 'lambeth walk'?) for gaining the most points in the Championship classes - congratulations, Peter!

    His winning combination in Haxnicks' Class 1: Onion Dave Metcalfe strain, Cucumber Carman, Potato NVS Amour, Parsnip Palace, Leek Pendle Improved and Long Carrot New Red Intermediate.

    Second Place: Keith Abel Third: Trevor Last
    Second Place: Keith Abel Third: Trevor Last
    Fourth: Alan Pease Fifth: Steve Halifax
    Fourth: Alan Pease Fifth: Steve Halifax

    Some cracking produce here, and something for us mere 'love to grow' mortals to aspire to...

  • Haxnicks and Joe Swift at the RHS Autumn Harvest Show

    Haxnicks and Joe Swift at the RHS Autumn Harvest Show

    The much coveted RHS Gold medals will be on show under Haxnicks' Glass Bell Jars this year at the RHS Autumn Harvest Show in London.

    The show, a celebration of the season's finest fruit, flowers and veg, will be previewed by Presenter Joe Swift on tonight's BBC2's Gardeners' World (1 October).

    The programme will follow Joe as he attempts to take his vegetable growing to another level, with the aid of experienced Welsh grower Charlie Maisey.

    The question is - will Joe Swift be lifting a Haxnicks' Bell Jar at the end of the competition?

    To find out tune in to BBC2 1 October at 7 pm, staying tuned to the RHS web site and to this blog, and our Twitter and Facebook pages to find out the results next week.

    Haxnicks are very pleased to be supplying Glass Bell Jars to cover the medals at this year's RHS' Autumn Harvest Show, on this weekend at The RHS Horticultural Halls at Greycoat Street, SW1. Nearest tubes are St James's Park and Victoria.

  • Glee 2010 Review

    We have just returned from this year’s Glee.  The garden and leisure industry’s most prominent trade show.  It proved to be the most successful one ever in the company's history.


    Firstly, we showcased our daring new branding.  In purple and green, featuring silhouetted family members hard at work in the garden.  The ‘love to grow’ strap line now accompanies the new logo design. Many of our customers stopped by to pick up the 2011 catalogue.  They also  complimented us on our new packaging designs. They enthused about the importance of appealing more directly to younger gardeners.  And also commented on the need to enhance our reputation as the innovative company we have always been.

    New Products

    New products announced for 2011 created a real buzz throughout the event.  Our new natural bamboo range was showcased at the new garden care products stand.  It drew in lots of inquisitive visitors.  Many of whom applauded our use of natural materials over excessive plastic and metallic structures. Look out for our Pergola, Decorative Arch, Pea & Bean and Sweet Pea Frames, Long and Round Fruit Cages and Tunnel Hoops available early next year.

    As well as completing our Victorian Bell Cloche range with the King Size Victorian Bell™ we also launched our brand new book, Down to Earth (by Madeleine Cardozo) which proved to be very popular, so much so that we discovered quite a few had mysteriously disappeared along the way!

    Our new point of display videos were a real hit – some of which can already be viewed on our YouTube channel. We’ll put up another blog post once the new Soft-Tie™, Potato Planters, Patio Planters™, Easy Tunnels™ videos become available.

    Trevor Pfeiffer (pictured) from Garden Trade News and Garden Radio was at the event, running through a few of this season’s best sellers. He chose to showcase our Vegetable Sack as it features in the GTN Bestsellers Garden Products Chart, and at one time it was the 14th most popular garden product!

    All in all a great few days – thanks to everyone who helped make Glee 2010 a rip roaring success!

  • GLEE 2010 - Birmingham

    Stand Number: 5C09

    We're here and we're set up and ready to greet you.  We have plenty of new products, lots of new brochures and are the talk of GLEE with our new product packaging which has been extremely well received.

    Haxnicks continue to turn heads and the dramatic impact of our new 'colours' is having the desired effect - people recognise the Haxnicks brand more than ever as the original brand within the garden care sector.

    We're going to update this post shortly, we want to keep you informed and up to date on Haxnicks.  Join us on Twitter to get the latest updates direct to your phones.

    Yours, the Exhibition Team at Haxnicks.

  • Love to grow August Competition 2010

    Just a quick note to say that July is almost over, and entries for the July competition will have to be in by the end of the 31st July. Don't worry if you're not ready, as there's still the August competition to go,

    Remember, we're looking for the best photos of Haxnicks products in use - quality of image, setting, background, and plants will all be taken into account. Also, you can enter as many photos as you want, so get snapping! E-mail entries to [email protected], along with your name, address and phone number, or if you prefer, send us a link to your online photo gallery (if you have one..)

    Haxnicks -  Love to grow

  • Haxnicks' Vegetable Patio Planters reach the Top Table

    Far be it from this website's purpose to even lean towards the political.  So we'll keep this neutral, but we thought we would share this with you.  Sarah Brown demonstrating that she is clearly a lady of taste, using the original Haxnicks Vegetable Patio Planter. Enjoy...


    Sources: &

  • Haxnicks Releases New Range of Patio Planters

    It's still freezing outside, and Spring seems a thousand miles away, but it's time to get growing - and we would like to get some opinions from you our customers.

    This season Haxnicks has several new additions to its hugely popular Patio Planter range. There are now available from Garden Centres up and down the country and of course as usual on our website.  But we want to know what you think, we want to hear from you.

    Most Patio Planters come in a range of attractive rustic shades, and we are trying to brighten up the range when they are sitting outside the back door. But what colours do you like, should we try using patterns.  Do you have a favourite?

    Vegetable Patio Planters from HaxnicksRaised Bed Patio Planters
    We making 3 Raised Bed planters - a full sized Patio Raised Bed, one special half-sized Balcony Raised Bed, and a quarter-sized Space Saver Raised Bed.

    No matter what space you have available to you, we are trying to ensure as many of our customers as possible can get their green fingers working!

    But are we missing a size? Is the depth right? Are they strong enough (they should be!)?

    Patio Planters from HaxnicksCane Support Patio Planters
    We also thought it might be fun to get some upwardly mobile growing going on on your patios, so we have introduce a Three Cane Patio Planter and a Six Cane Patio Planter, for all the peas, beans and tomatoes you could want.

    The Patio Planters have pockets in built that you can slot the canes into, giving a strong and easy to assemble feel to the product.  But we would love to hear from you our customers. Are these flexible enough? can you grow all the plants you want to? is it strong enough?

    Haxnicks' Patio PlantersCarrot Patio Planter
    Finally, we thought the carrot deserved some recognition - So here is a carrot-coloured planter, with sufficient depth to grow your own delicious carrots.

    It is a generous 11" (30cm) deep which should be enough space for downward growth, we've tested, we experimented, but now we want your opinion? Deep enough, wrong colour? Please let us know.

    However tight you may be on space, there's now a way to grow a huge range of vegetables with minimum difficulty - and the patio will look great too. Please view the whole range of Haxnicks Patio Planters.

    Happy Planting!

  • Christmas at Haxnicks!

    Happy Christmas from Haxnicks
    Here comes Christmas.  Lets get festive! The offices are festooned with decorations and everyone is starting to get excited!

    For the serious gardener, pretty much any Haxnicks product makes a cracking present, but for those of you who are still struggling to complete that oh so challenging gift list, I thought I'd highlight the best that we have to offer when it comes to getting the perfect present.

    You'll find everything on our website, just tap in the name in the search box.

    Victorian Bell Cloches for GardensHaxnicks Glass Bell Jars are a popular gift item, being aesthetically pleasing AND very practical - whether sitting over a prized plant in the garden, detering pests, cats, frost, children and any number of other hazards, or taking a more domestic role as a cheeseboard cover/cake cover, these bells will always make an original and successful present.

    The Bell Jars are available in 3 different sizes - follow the labels at the end of the article for more information...

    The Haxnicks Jute Naturally range has some brilliant Christmas bits and bobs...

    Jute Sacks from Haxnicks for CompostingJute Insulation roll comes in a very festive green or red, and also in a natural jute colour. Although we designed this for insulating pots, it is also used for wrapping up water pipes against the frost, decorating the Christmas tree pot, and any number of other jobs where a natural look and a bit of colour make all the difference. The rolls are complimented by Jute Naturally Ribbon, also in Red, Green and Natural.

    Designer Easy Fleece Jackets from HaxnicksDesigner Fleece Jackets are as colourful as you can get when it comes to frost protection!!! Available in 3 different designs, Autumn leaf, Green Leaf, and Snowflake, these jackets are designed to slip over your pot plants/hanging baskets/ferns etc, or any other plant that can't be moved in for protection from the frosts. We have produced green fleece jackets very successfully for many years, but now have a more colourful option for those that like a bit more fun in an otherwise drab winter garden.

    I hope some of these ideas help out with the shopping stress - I haven't started shopping yet, but there and again I've got some ideas.

    Happy Christmas from all at Haxnicks, and we look forward to hearing from you in the New Year.

  • Chelsea Flower Show Review

    Chelsea Flower Show
    Emma models the Bag-to-Boot, whilst Emily tries to hide in the Pea and Bean Planter!

    We would really like to thank everyone who came to our stand at the Chelsea Flower Show 2009. It was, for Haxnicks, an incredible experience.  We thoroughly enjoyed it, and were pretty much flat out from 7am to 8pm every day!

    Chelsea is such a great experience.  So we decided early on to get as many of our staff to 'have a go' at running the stand. This provided a great day out.  Plus lots of lessons for us at Haxnicks about what customers really think of our products.  All positive I might add...

    The Haxnicks Planters proved their popularity, selling continuously throughout the show, with a lot of people taking the chance to get some last minute potato planters going- it is still not to late to enjoy home grown organic vegetables.

    However ultimately we would like to thank Chelsea for allowing us, during our occasional breaks, to tour (whizz) around the amazing gardens.

    Victoria's Rootrainers Demonstrations at Chelsea Flower Show Simon at the Chelsea Flower Show
    Victoria takes a break from her Rootrainer demonstrations, and convinces herself that our Pots Naturally palm tree is actually a real palm, somewhere on a beautiful beach... ...Simon gets into his sales pitch.  Julia demonstrates some other uses for the Haxnicks Baby Victorian Bell.   While Emily surveys the scene.
  • Amateur Gardening review for Speedhoe

    Amateur gardener Julia Heaton tries out the Haxnicks Speedhoe... Read how she got on in the attacvhed article.  Click on the article to enlarge it, and by the way, the "short-skirted, wellie-wearing model" is actually the MD's sister...

    Amateur_gardener_Haxnicks' Speedhoe in the Press

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