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  • The Perfect Fit - by Garden Trade News

    Find out how the recently signed deal between Haxnicks and The Tildenet group will impact on the Industry.


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  • Haxnicks presents trophy at Garden Retail Awards

    Garden Retail Awards 2012

    Haxnicks sponsored the Retail Outlet Under £3m Turnover Award at the Garden Retail Awards 2012.  At which Sidmouth Garden Centre collected the top accolade.  The representatives from the garden centre were invited up onto the stage and received their trophy from Smart Solar’s sales director Paul Knott.

    Garden Retail Awards - 3 men in dinner jackets collect trophy

    The Awards were held on Wednesday 7th November at London's Grosvenor House in Park Lane. .  They are the chance for garden retail businesses and suppliers to the garden sector to showcase their achievements, innovation and success. For that reason winning is very prestigious.  As a result winners enjoy industry wide recognition for the work they have done over the year.


    The winner

    Last year was very strong for Sidmouth Garden Centre.  With the weather making things harder in 2012, this year the focus has been on service and margins.  The aim was to reduce expenditure without affecting service.  A tricky balancing act that they managed to pip the competition to the top accolade.

    Smart Solar, which has recently acquired the distribution rights for Haxnicks ‘Love to grow’  range was keen to support the Awards.  A spokesman said “ This clearly demonstrates our commitment to the garden industry.  We are excited to be working with Haxnicks.  We are keen to build on this established, trusted gardening brand”

    Paul commented, “It was an honour to present the Haxnicks Retail Outlet Under £3m Turnover Award to Sidmouth Garden Centre in front of three hundred and fifty key industry guests. Haxnicks and Smart Solar both enjoy leading roles in this industry. Above all it was great to share the evening with so many colleagues and friends.”

    Haxnicks is responsible for many key gardening products.  These include Rootrainers, Soft Tie, Vigoroot fabric planters and Easy Tunnels.  Enabling urban gardeners to grow their own food whether they have a garden or not is a passion.

  • WIN £100 & Haxnicks goodies


    Haxnicks Garden Products can be brought online

    Potato Growing Competition

    You could win £100 and a bundle of Haxnicks grow your own goodies.

    All you have to do is send us pictures of your Haxnicks’ potato planter full of plants (or home grown potatoes) - it couldn't be easier.

    Don't fret if yours don't flower as you'd hoped - there are a couple of other ways to win:

    Growing the Hugest Harvest – How many tatties can you grow in one planter? Send us an image of the potatoes laid out on the ground next to or on top of your planter. Super Spud – photograph your largest potato on a flat surface next to a ruler or tape measure on top of the Haxnicks’ potato planter it was grown in. Extra snaps of how you grew it would definitely help your chances.Haxnicks Garden Products can be brought onlineHow to enter
    You will need:
    • A pack of Haxnicks Potato Planters
    • Some Seed Potatoes
    40 litres of compost per planter
    • A camera to record your progress


    When you come to harvest your potatoes (from June for early crops), email pictures of your produce to: [email protected].  Alternatively, you can write to us at Haxnicks Ltd, Beaumont Business Centre, Woodlands Road, Mere, Wiltshire BA12 6BT.

    Haxnicks Patio PlantersYou can also use our Facebook or Google+ pages to post comments and photos.

    Check out our neat 'how-to' YouTube video to help you get started with planting your very own potatoes.  Click here to see the potato planter (pictured, right) product page.

    Be sure to take photographs of your progress so you can prove that the potatoes were grown by your own fair hands, but if you get stuck let us know.
    Images submitted may be used on, and in promotional material.  Any personal details we receive from you, however, shall be kept strictly confidential and remain on our files only.


    Follow or search the blog for further information, tips and updates.  Good luck!
  • Merry Haxmas

    Merry Haxmas!

    We would like to wish everyone one of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    We've had a momentous year and 2011.  Our 15th year in business will go down as one of our busiest ever.

    Merry_Haxmas_Haxnicks Garden Products can be brought online

    If you're in the snow, sun, rain or cloud we hope you enjoy the holiday period.  Have a wonderful time with your families or without (if you prefer!).  A very Merry Haxmas to all...

    As a gift to those of you that aren't able to buy your products from your local garden centres, we have decided to run a special January Sale on the website from the 26th December.

  • Glee 2011

    This year's Glee was a real triumph for us.  We managed to see most of our customers and they were all very complimentary on our new products, especially the Unidomes, which we are currently taking bespoke orders for.  Three domes were on display around the exhibition, as well as our victorian bells and other garden care products in the 'Off the Shelf' display.  All in all a very positive show - see you all next year!

    Haxnicks Garden Products can be brought online
    Information for those that attended and would like to contact us:
    Any general enquiries should go through our sales office [email protected] or 0845 241 1555 where Emily, Ali or Danielle will be very happy to speak to you.
    If you are a retailer and would like to speak to our Sales Director, Malcolm Andrews, he can also be reached through 0845 241 1555 or [email protected]
    If you wanted to discuss Unidomes, please address enquiries for the attention of Tom via [email protected]
  • BBC Gardeners World - Original Victorian Bell Cloches

    did you see the recent features in the 20th Anniversary Edition of BBC Gardener's World Magazine? We thought we'd let you know a bit more about the articles that feature Haxnicks products.

    Helen Riches is a garden designer that regularly contributes to Gardener's World magazine.  She has won awards for her garden writing in the past.  In this edition she chose to use our Victorian Bell Cloche in 'Summer Pots from Seed'.  In this article she shows readers not only how to grow flowers for some real summer colour, but also how to do it on a budget.

    We're reproducing the article in full below, but you can find out much more on Helen Riches' website.

    Haxnicks Patio Planters in the Press

    Haxnicks Victorian Bell Cloches are the original plastic cloche.  They are based on the old fashioned glass type, and having sold well over a million, Haxnicks continue to be the leading manufacturer of these award winning cloches. Versatile, practical, reusable and stackable the Victorian Cloche is a favourite for many modern gardening experts.

    If you're looking to buy some (or want to see them for real) try our Stockist section. We list all current stockists and if your local garden centre doesn't have them you can also buy online.

    As always - it's your feedback that counts. Please feel free to tell us what you think of our Victorian Bell Cloches.

  • Haxnicks in 20th Anniversary Edition of Gardener's World Magazine

    We're very proud to note that Haxnicks products have received some fabulous coverage in the 20th Anniversary Edition of Gardener's World magazine. What we want to know is - what do you think?

    Haxnicks Garden Products in the Press

    Helen Riches, Lila Das Gupta and long term friend of Haxnicks Pippa Greenwood can all be seen in the BBC's foremost gardening publication using Haxnicks products.

    Helen Riches, award winning garden writer and garden designer, recommended covering with a cloche overnight to give germinating seeds a better chance in her article entitled 'Summer Pots from Seed'.  Lila Das Gupta also wrote an article about sowing Runner Beans and the benefits of using Rootrainers.

    Pippa Greenwood meanwhile chose to recommend our Kitchen Garden Cloche for her article on protecting small groups of fruit and vegetables in their early stages and to extend their growing season.  And scattered throughout as always, our Biodegradable Pots Naturally range.

    What can we say?  Well, go out and buy Gardeners World Magazine and see for yourselves of course!

    Here's the list in full of products featured:

    And here for your added info is a list of links to Gardeners World Articles and Blogs - enjoy!

    Now we want to hear from you. What did you think, have you seen our products in any magazines or TV shows?  Look out for us, we have great links with gardening experts across England and Scotland and even Ireland.  But don't forget we're a company that wants to produce the best quality garden care products we can and that means listening to your feedback.  Please leave us a comment.

  • Compact Rootrainers - 2 'Best Buy' Awards in the same month


    Haxnicks in the Press
    Garden News 18th Jan 2011


    We are very proud to announce that our own Compact Rapid Rootrainers have been awarded 'Best Buy' awards in not one but two weekly gardening magazines, Garden News and Amateur Gardening.
    Garden News chose our Rootrainers because they were "Re-useable, rigid plastic containers.  Especially useful for plants that need deep root runs and dislike root disturbance."  Geoff Hodge, gardening expert and tried and tested journalist for the weekly publication awarded it 5 out of 5 for Use & handling, Watering, and Root growth.


    Haxnicks Rootrainers in the Press
    Amateur Gardening 29th January 2011


    "Opens like a book for easy inspection of moisture levels, root growth and removal of the Best Buy went to Rootrainers as they are re-useable."


    Compact Rapid Rootrainers come with a drip tray, propagating lid and have 20 cells in total.  To top it all off they are made in Great Britain, and as well as being re-usable, with a lifespan of approximately 6 years, they are also manufactured from recycled plastic.
    Amateur Gardening have always been fans of our Rootrainers. They regularly feature in gardening editor Kris Collins' weekly articles, in Anne Swithinbanks' column and have now been awarded 'Best Buy' by consumer editor Julia Heaton:
    "The shape and grooves promote optimum root formation.  Good way to raise bedding or cuttings as it makes handling the plants simpler. Those produced should be bigger and garden ready due to the larger root system."
    So why not see if the experts are right - try out our Compact Rapid Rootrainers and see for yourselves (quite literally) the quality of plant you can produce. Available as a deluxe version with a handy drip tray, perfect for windowsills.
    Amateur Gardening and Garden News are both priced £1.99 and available from newsagents and supermarkets every Tuesday.
  • Glee 2010 Review

    We have just returned from this year’s Glee.  The garden and leisure industry’s most prominent trade show.  It proved to be the most successful one ever in the company's history.


    Firstly, we showcased our daring new branding.  In purple and green, featuring silhouetted family members hard at work in the garden.  The ‘love to grow’ strap line now accompanies the new logo design. Many of our customers stopped by to pick up the 2011 catalogue.  They also  complimented us on our new packaging designs. They enthused about the importance of appealing more directly to younger gardeners.  And also commented on the need to enhance our reputation as the innovative company we have always been.

    New Products

    New products announced for 2011 created a real buzz throughout the event.  Our new natural bamboo range was showcased at the new garden care products stand.  It drew in lots of inquisitive visitors.  Many of whom applauded our use of natural materials over excessive plastic and metallic structures. Look out for our Pergola, Decorative Arch, Pea & Bean and Sweet Pea Frames, Long and Round Fruit Cages and Tunnel Hoops available early next year.

    As well as completing our Victorian Bell Cloche range with the King Size Victorian Bell™ we also launched our brand new book, Down to Earth (by Madeleine Cardozo) which proved to be very popular, so much so that we discovered quite a few had mysteriously disappeared along the way!

    Our new point of display videos were a real hit – some of which can already be viewed on our YouTube channel. We’ll put up another blog post once the new Soft-Tie™, Potato Planters, Patio Planters™, Easy Tunnels™ videos become available.

    Trevor Pfeiffer (pictured) from Garden Trade News and Garden Radio was at the event, running through a few of this season’s best sellers. He chose to showcase our Vegetable Sack as it features in the GTN Bestsellers Garden Products Chart, and at one time it was the 14th most popular garden product!

    All in all a great few days – thanks to everyone who helped make Glee 2010 a rip roaring success!

  • GLEE 2010 - Birmingham

    Stand Number: 5C09

    We're here and we're set up and ready to greet you.  We have plenty of new products, lots of new brochures and are the talk of GLEE with our new product packaging which has been extremely well received.

    Haxnicks continue to turn heads and the dramatic impact of our new 'colours' is having the desired effect - people recognise the Haxnicks brand more than ever as the original brand within the garden care sector.

    We're going to update this post shortly, we want to keep you informed and up to date on Haxnicks.  Join us on Twitter to get the latest updates direct to your phones.

    Yours, the Exhibition Team at Haxnicks.

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