A poke in the eye with a sharp stick anyone?

Canetoppers are the perfect solution for the tops of your tomato, bean or sweet-pea canes.  They make your garden just that little bit safer and more attractive.   

CaneToppers™ are fun, yet very practical, garden accessories from Haxnicks. They come in threHaxnicks CaneTopperse configurations suitable for use with 6mm to 10mm canes, and are available in a choice of  three colours – smart black, stylish olive and playful pink.

If you have ever poked yourself in the eye with a cane, or had a near miss? Then you will find these a great addition to your garden.  They will also help stop you getting in a tangle if you need to put netting over later in the season.  When the time comes to cover your ripening crops then the Canetoppers will help to stop snagging and make the whole process just that little bit easier.

CaneToppers™ (1 Cane) act as safety tops for single canes, making an attractive and fun addition to any flower border or vegetable bed. Each pack contains ten CaneToppers™.

Cane Tepees

There are two configurations for making cane tepees

3 bamboo canes with a Haxnicks Canetopper on them and purple flowers

3 cane - CaneToppers™   - holds three canes gripped tightly by the tough, rubbery plastic, with three toppers per pack.

8 cane CaneToppers™ - these are slightly larger to hold eight canes firmly in a tepee, with one topper per pack.

Haxnicks CaneToppers™, priced from £4.99 per pack, are widely available from good garden centres or direct here. 

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