Haxnicks Canetoppers™ - Colourful Toppers and Teepees

CaneToppers™ are the latest fun, yet very practical, garden accessories from Haxnicks. They come in three configurations suitable for use with 6mm to 10mm canes, and are available in a choice of three colours – smart black, crisp turquoise and playful pink.

CaneToppers™ (1 Cane) act as safety tops for single canes, making an attractive and fun addition to any flower border or vegetable bed. Each pack contains ten CaneToppers™.

There are two configurations for making cane tepees - CaneToppers™ (3 Cane) holds three canes gripped tightly by the tough, rubbery plastic, with three toppers per pack.

CaneToppers™ (8 Cane) is slightly larger to hold eight canes firmly in a tepee, with one topper per pack.

Haxnicks CaneToppers™, priced at £3.99 per pack, are widely available from good garden centres and mail order gardening catalogues and websites. For more information, call Haxnicks on 0845 241 1555.

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