BootClamp: end of muddy, rain filled boots

You're going to want one (or more) of these BootClamps!  My pet hate, dirty, muddy Dorset Wellington boots in the house, if only there was some way of keeping them outside without half the rainfall of North Dorset flooding my precious Wellies.  Then I discovered the amazing BootClamp from Haxnicks.  BootClamps are such an obvious but genius invention, my Wellies now take prime position in the porch or just lying around the driveway and not a speck of water or creepy crawly inside.  Of course, if you are more organised just hang them up with the carry handle, BootClamps are very clever indeed!

Thanks for the the Blog post Fran - really glad you love the product! Haxnicks

3 Haxnicks BootClamps lined up on doorstep - Stopping the rain coming in

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