The Amazing SpeedHoe™

Haxnicks' SpeedHoeThe amazing SpeedHoe™, the latest innovation from plant protection specialists, Haxnicks, is the gardener’s new best friend in the fight against weeds. It has a unique multi-blade design and angled head that produces a powerful cutting and chopping action with the minimum of effort.

The SpeedHoe’s angled head has sharp blades on the front, rear and sides, creating a powerful, strong cutting action beneath the earth’s surface in whichever direction it is pushed away or pulled back. There’s no need to turn the blade when using it and the compact head makes it efficient and easy to manoeuvre between plants of all sizes, keeping them safe from accidental damage.

The SpeedHoe’s long handle gives a much greater reach and is positioned at an angle ergonomically designed for maximum working comfort, reducing the need for bending and thus minimizing potential aches and strains. Large areas of weed or heavy, lumpy soil can be worked over quickly and with little effort, helping create the best possible growing conditions for plants in beds and borders.

To see the SpeedHoe in action, a short informative video can be viewed on YouTube, or search for: SpeedHoe.

Haxnicks SpeedHoe™ (RRP £24.99) is available from all good garden centres from February 2009. For more information, call Haxnicks on 0845 241 1555 or click here.

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  • I purchased the speedhoe yesterday and it's use on wet ground is all that I could desire. I can see that when the ground has dried out a bit the action will be even better.I could not have desined a better hoe as it is easy to use and as I am over 6ft tall the long handle is appreciated.J.M. Carter

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