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  • Grandpa Haxnicks announces this year's exciting new products

    I have exciting new product offerings to tell you about. After their successful launch at GLEE (the biggest UK garden trade exhibition) we are looking forward to seeing them out on the shop floor and on our website very soon.  This year our new product range includes small essentials, great ideas and monumental showstoppers.

    So let's start with the small essentials...


    Water Waiters

    Meet our cheeky new Water-waiters who have arrived to serve water to your plants whilst you are away. This simple self watering system draws water into the soil as needed, preventing under and over watering, and allows you to happily go on holiday without worrying about thirsty plants. They come in a pack of 3.


    Slug Busters

    Slug-Busters ( 2 in a pack)  are non toxic and reusable slug traps. They are simply filled with beer or salt water and sunk into the soil to attract and trap those greedy slugs and snails that might otherwise be heading for your crops.


    Easy Riddle

    The EasyRiddle is a lightweight garden sieve that takes the strain out of soil sifting. Unlike a traditional riddle, it is flexible and lightweight so no vigorous side to side shaking or bouncing is needed, and what's more it folds flat for easy storage.


    Leaf Picker

    More Haxnicks innovation.....The Leaf Picker! An exciting, new, fast and efficient way to collect leaves. This durable and lightweight tool is designed to spike up the leaves and then, using the instant release slider on the handle, the leaves are cleverly pushed off the spikes into your wheelbarrow or leaf pile. It's ingenious! Click on this link to see Leaf Picker in action.

    Next come our show stoppers!  An exciting new range of iconic plant frames designed for ornamental vegetable growing. You can create beautiful and impressive displays with your climbing veg. Beans, gourds, cucumbers, squashes and melons all taste great, but now they can look fabulous too. Those of you who have never considered growing gourds, squashes and pumpkins due to limited ground space can now grow upwards and use sky space instead.




    These are just two of the Frames in our range which includes a Big Ben Bean Frame as well as a long and a square ornamental growing frame. All of them are made of fully galvanised steel with a high quality powder coated finish. They come flat packed and can be easily taken down for winter storage.

    Oh and there one more new product....  StrimGuard a tough wrap around plastic mesh to protect young saplings from the evils of nylon strimmer wire and finally we will be bringing olive green coloured Cane Toppers  into stock soon.

    More news coming soon, but in the meantime Happy Gardening!

    Grandpa Haxnicks

  • The Potty Gardener gardening upside down

    BeaHaxnicks Garden Products can be brought online

    Beautiful bulbs!

    Approaching your gardening from a whole new angle can be refreshing, but I don't recommend this extreme angle. Whilst you can get a good look at low lying weeds and easily spot those hidden courgettes that are turning into monster marrows it can leave you disorientated and confused.  Actually the blog title 'gardening upside down' is not so much a reference to my physical orientation but rather a particular gardening error I made.....

    Plant Pots for Planting Bulbs from Haxnicks

    This week I was given some very smart new pots as a rather belated house warming present.  With Autumn upon us I decided to plant them up with bulbs as a welcoming doorstep display.  I planned to layer the bulbs for a full on flower fiesta throughout the spring.  The idea is that you plant your bulbs in layers according to their flowering height.  Tall ones at the bottom and shorties at the top. So in the bottom layer of compost I put tulip bulbs.  In the middle narcissus and in the top went some incy wincy Iris bulbs.

    Which way is up?

    Unfortunately I wasn't really concentrating (perhaps the residual effect of having been upside down) and couldn't remember whether I had actually put the bulbs in the right way up. I am assured by Grandpa Haxnicks that if I have planted them upside down it won't stop them growing,  It may cause a slight delay in growth whilst the shoots re-orientate and perform a U turn!  Anyway, I was more careful with the second pot, layering the bulbs nose up. Finally I topped off the pots with mini cyclamen to provide some winter colour whilst the bulbs grow below.

    Cyclamen Flower Pots from Haxnicks

    Grandpa Haxnicks has kindly given me some Easy Fleece Jackets to pop over the plants should the weather turn really cold and threaten to damage my doorstep display. All that I need to do now is find some pot feet to help with the drainage. I have been warned to place both the pot feet and my own firmly on the ground!






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