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  • The Potty Gardener's Purple Carrot Recipe

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    I think that I have pulled up the perfect purple carrot (and created a new tongue twister) !

    I was so excited by my first harvest of such beautiful specimens that with the speed and greed of Peter Rabbit I immediately munched my way through the first two, mud and all, savouring their flavour and satisfyingly carroty crunch.  However, as the greatest joy of growing your own veg is in sharing and showing them off with family and friends then I felt that a feast was called for.

    Purple Carrots grown with Haxnicks Products

    On a hot July day (there was one I promise), I did not want to be anywhere near a hot stove. I also wanted to preserve the just picked carroty crunch, so I felt that a hearty salad would be the perfect way to show off these pretty purple prizes.

    Here is my recipe for a quick, tasty and filling salad that looks pretty and is so healthy that you can gorge on it like a rabbit in a carrot patch!

    Purple Carrots prepared for Cooking

    Bulgar wheat, purple carrot and feta salad   (serves 4 )

    200g bulgar wheat, cooked in salted water until tender,

    200g roughly chopped Feta Cheese

    2 to 4 finely chopped purple carrots ( dep on size)

    Fresh chopped parsley and chives

    French dressing

    Black pepper

    Prepare the ingredients, marvel at the rainbow of colours inside your purple carrots, assemble the salad in a pretty dish, let friends and family admire, and guzzle as if Mr McGregor is round the corner!

    Purple Carrot Feta Salad Recipe from Haxnicks






  • Haxnicks helps out in Schools

    Hello Gardeners,

    I have always encouraged my children and grandchildren to get out in the garden and get growing, so I am happy to say that Haxnicks have been busy helping out in schools this year. As many of our products are easy to use and can be stored away at the end of the growing season, they lend themselves nicely to school growing projects.

     Haxnicks Rootrainers for Schools

    Our Rootrainers have been put to good use on classroom windowsills to kick start a sunflower growing competition.

    Haxnicks Carrot Patio Planters for Schools

    Our orange Carrot Planters sparked some imaginations when they were sown with purple carrots. Apparently one pupil suggested growing oranges in a purple planter too! The Class teacher was particularly delighted that she wouldn't have to come into school over the holidays to water the carrots as she can send them home to be looked after.

    Haxnicks Garden Maypoles for SchoolsOur Plant Supports are being put to good use in this primary school garden keeping the sweet peas and runner beans firmly in place.

    We also sponsored a Grow your own school garden competition as part of a project funded by the Mayor of London and the Big Lottery fund that aims to cultivate young people’s love for learning, and hunger for knowledge, and develop supportive local communities through food. Designed to get London schools with no previous experience of gardening into growing, this competition involved schools planning their own garden from scratch, complete with an equipment list.

    Boris Johnson Awards Haxnicks Prizes to pupils The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, awarding students from Richmond Park Academy a Haxnicks prize at the Grow Your Own School Garden Competition Awards Ceremony. Photo: Jane Baker/Garden Organic

    Congratulations to the prize winners - Our Lady of Grace Catholic Infant School (Brent) and Richmond Park Academy who won a Haxnicks  Grower Frame with a Poly Cover Giant Easy Tunnel and Potato Patio Planters 

    "The Mayor and I want to see every school in London growing food. We've made huge progress with many pupils in the capital now reaping the rewards of outdoor learning. This new initiative will help us go further, reaching more schools and helping existing growers expand."  Rosie Boycott - The Mayor of London's Food Advisor and Chair of the London Food Board

    So as the school year draws to a close this week, Haxnicks would like to wish all our junior growers happy growing and happy holidays!

    Goodbye for now,

    Grandpa Haxnicks



  • CaneToppers for the Potty Gardener

    Haxnicks CaneToppers

    My planters, pots and their contents have happily survived our house move but did suffer somewhat along the way due to abandonment and stormy weather…

    Having packed up the removal lorry and two family cars, locked up the old house, pulled out of the drive in triumphant convoy and traveled 350yds with a satisfied smile, it suddenly dawned on me that we had left behind my entire potted garden. The satisfied smile was replaced by a weary wince as I realised that we barely had room for a single strawberry (a squashed one at that), let alone a dozen pots and planters. I did for a moment consider swapping my noisy children in the back of my car for the placid plants, but I didn’t think the next occupants of our house would be quite so understanding about left over children as opposed to left over plants. So it was clear that we would have to return to Gloucestershire to collect a final car load of plants. Just one more 120 mile round trip to add to the many made in the last few weeks!

    Haxnicks Range of Patio Planters

    Amazingly, despite the searing heat and lack of tender loving care that followed before someone was able to bring home the plants, they neither died of thirst nor were eaten by giant slugs. However, they did then suffer from rough man-handling (definitely not woman-handling) in transit, arriving home with a few broken stems. More damage was done when they were left overnight in an exposed position without support canes and were somewhat battered in an amazing blockbuster style thunder storm.

    Haxnicks Patio Planters with CaneToppers

    Our new garden is a little more exposed to the wind than the last and so the reinstated bamboo support canes need a little extra help to stand to attention. I subtly suggested to Grandpa Haxnicks that some CaneToppers would be the perfect moving in present. Subtle suggestion turned to pleading request and the cane toppers duly arrived on my doorstep. Popped on top of the wind wobbled canes ( a hair-raising job for me ) they are helping to add stability and a little more style than the scrappy bits of string that were holding the canes in place before.

    Happily all is now good, the sweet peas are blossoming, the strawberries are juicy, the tomatoes are swelling and I have faith that the potatoes and carrots are doing their stuff down in their earthy depths. I am very much looking forward to harvesting and feasting soon.


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