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  • Don’t wait for the first frost

    To protect plants and trees from frost damage, they need to be covered. So when the weather forecast is for overnight frost, it is advisable to be prepared. Haxnicks’ Easy Fleece Jackets are ideal for potted patio plants as you can easily pull them over the plants and draw the bottom together using the integral drawstring which closes off the air flow giving the plant its own microclimate. With a choice of 3 sizes the Easy Fleece Jackets are ideal for both large and small plants as well as for hanging baskets.

    Haxnicks Garden Fleece Jackets

    Made from high quality 35gsm polypropylene fleece material, the jackets will protect your plants but also allow light and moisture to filter through to provide a healthy growing environment and the soft material does not cause harm to buds or leaves.

    Haxnicks Fleece Jackets

    Once the threat of frost is past, simply remove the Fleece Jackets, fold them and store them until the next time you hear the words “.....and tonight there will be an overnight frost”!

  • Haxnicks presents trophy at Garden Retail Awards

    Haxnicks sponsored the Retail Outlet Under £3m Turnover Award at the Garden Retail Awards 2012 which was won by Sidmouth Garden Centre, who received their trophy from Smart Solar’s sales director Paul Knott. The Garden Retail Awards were held on Wednesday 7th November at London's Grosvenor House in Park Lane.
    Haxnicks Garden Products can be brought online
    Last year was very strong for Sidmouth Garden Centre, but with the weather making things harder in 2012, this year the focus has been on service and margins through reducing expenditure without affecting service.
    Smart Solar, which has recently acquired the distribution rights for Haxnicks ‘Love to grow’ product range was keen to support the Garden Retail Awards to demonstrate its commitment to the garden centre industry.
    Paul commented, “It was an honour to present the Haxnicks Retail Outlet Under £3m Turnover Award to Sidmouth Garden Centre in front of 350 industry guests. Haxnicks and Smart Solar both enjoy leading roles in this industry and it was great to share the evening with so many colleagues and friends.”
  • Spring clean in November!

    By Jo Sensecall - November is “spring clean” time the garden! With nothing to plant, you should clear any remains of crops for composting and fork over bare ground. Store away hoses, pots and canes and have a general tidy up.
    Cover any pots that you have which are not frost proof with jute material, or fleece, this will stop them from cracking.  Lifting them off the ground with blocks of wood or special ceramic feet is also good idea.
    Haxnicks Garden Products can be brought online

    Use our Easy Fleece Jackets to cover any fragile container plants and to protect them from early or late frosts. These Easy Fleece Jackets are ideal for overwintering plants in containers or hanging baskets and have an integral drawstring for easy and practical use.

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