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  • Bob Flowerdew, Kris Collins and Anne Swithinbank...

    ...all use Haxnicks products, and can be seen in the pages of the magnificent weekly Amateur Gardening magazine.

    Your Gardening Week features Haxnicks

    Kris Collins using our Rootrainers

    Kris Collins, Gardening Editor of the magazine, says he is always happy to use Haxnicks' products.  He includes them in a number of his own articles (see above).  We received an email from Kris earlier this month on the subject of Potato Planters.  He had managed to reap 2.5kg of Maris Bard potatoes from one bag.  "I was very impressed with my first go and will definitely use them again next year."

    The Organic Gardener features Haxnicks

    Bob Flowerdew and our Large Bell Cloche (left)

    Bob Flowerdew, also of BBC Radio 4's Gardeners' Question Time, is planning on using our large plastic bell cloches to cover his pineapples: "I suspect their shape will be good for keeping them dry in the centres which should prevent winter losses"

    Using Haxnicks Easy Tunnels

    Anne Swithinbank with the Giant Aerated Poly Easy Tunnel

    Amateur Gardening is available from all good newsagents every Tuesday.  Back issues available by visiting the web site or by telephone: 01202 440840.

  • Vegetable Sack Video

    We want to show you easy it is to properly store vegetables. It is so important to get the most from your vegetable garden, especially with food prices as high as they are, none of us can afford to let vegetables rot and go mouldly.

    In this short YouTube video, Madeleine Cardozo, author of 'Down to Earth' show us how to extend the life of our Beetroots.

    We are also keen to point you in the direction of Madeleine's excellent new book where you can find out how to grow and what to do with your Beetroots. The book is available in all good garden centres, from our Web site (priced at £9.99) and also from Amazon.

    Madeleine Cardozo's Down To Earth Gardening Book


    All of Haxnicks videos are available on
    love to grow
  • Sowing Seeds in Autumn with Down to Earth author Madeliene Cardozo

    Sowing Seeds in Autumn with Down to Earth author Madeliene Cardozo

    Traditionally, broad beans must be sown before 5th November - Bonfire night - so you have a few weeks left to get ahead.  Last week, we watched our in-house author Madeleine Cardozo and her boys Orlando and Bruno sowing beans and sweet peas in Haxnicks' Rootrainers™. The broad beans have already started sprouting in the cold frame, so we are already well on the way.

    If you haven't already seen Madeleine's new book 'Down to Earth' do take a look, it is available to buy through the website.  In the meantime please enjoy this video.

    Love to grow? Stay tuned to!

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