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  • Haxnicks on YouTube

    Haxnicks are launching on YouTube - it's a small start, but a big idea. We're keen and ready to go with 8 videos lined up and 2 finished and online.

    What's the purpose, well we are really keen to make the most of all these other websites at the moment, we have been running a Facebook Page for some months now... Our Twitter account is working well and many of you are following us. We on various other websites as well, LinkedIn, Plaxo and so forth.

    But the real reason we're doing all this is so that you can give us your feedback. To our mind pushing ideas, videos and content like this Post is only half the story - our aim is to give you the ability to tell us what you think by any means.

    Send us an email - Tweet us - share us on Facebook - see us on LinkedIn, it is up to you. What we want to do is respond to your needs.

    5% Coupon from Facebook and Haxnicks

    To further encourage you - please take up our Facebook Offer of a 5% discount on your entire order.  Just add the coupon code FB2010 when you checkout, we'll look forward to hearing from you, no matter how you want to contact us.

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