2010 NVS Northern Branch Championships

Haxnicks sponsored Class 1 of The Northern Branch of the National Vegetable Society's Championships this year.

Peter Clark's Class-Winning Combo

To exhibit in this class, each exhibitor could display one vegetable of each kind. The winner was Peter Clark, who was also awarded the 'Cockney Bowl' (wonder if he celebrated by doing the 'lambeth walk'?) for gaining the most points in the Championship classes - congratulations, Peter!

His winning combination in Haxnicks' Class 1: Onion Dave Metcalfe strain, Cucumber Carman, Potato NVS Amour, Parsnip Palace, Leek Pendle Improved and Long Carrot New Red Intermediate.

Second Place: Keith Abel Third: Trevor Last
Fourth: Alan Pease Fifth: Steve Halifax

Some cracking produce here, and something for us mere 'love to grow' mortals to aspire to...

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