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  • FSC Timber Raised Beds for Small Spaces

    Haxnicks, the plant protection specialist, has developed an easy-to-build Raised Bed Growing System that requires little maintenance and is ideal for growing vegetables, salads and herbs in small garden spaces. The 100% FSC-certified timber raised bed measures 1 metre by 1.2 metres.  It comes with an optional fitted frame and choice of two protective covers.

    Haxnicks Raised Bed Growing System has four parts. The Raised Bed Base (RRP £39.99) is easily built using the four lengths of FSC-certified, pressure-treated timber and rust-free corner-joining brackets. The single bed is 15 cm (6 inch) deep.  For greater depth secure multiple tiers to the bed base using the extension brackets supplied.

    Raised_Bed_and_frame_with salad_Haxnicks Rasied Bed Base & Frame by Haxnicks

    The Raised Bed Frame (RRP £17.99) provides a 50cm high, arched, black-metal framework for the protective covers. It slots securely into holes in the joining brackets of the timber base. The covers fit securely at the corners.

    Create a mini-greenhouse with the PVC Weather Protection Cover (RRP £11.99), it warms the soil for earlier planting and retains warmth and humidity for quicker growth. Flaps at either end make ventilation easy. Made of heavy-duty, clear PVC, it provides robust weather protection for newly-sown crops.

    The Micromesh™ Pest Protection Cover (RRP £11.99) helps retain soil moisture whilst providing the best possible protection from insects, including aphids and carrot fly, and other pests. The ultra-fine mesh allows air and water to easily pass through, but protects against scorching and other weather damage.

    Haxnicks Raised Bed Growing Systems are available from all good garden centres from February 2009. For stockists or more information, call Haxnicks on 0845 241 1555 or take a look at our online pages.

  • Go Large with the Haxnicks Grower System

    Plant protection specialist, Haxnicks is launching a versatile new Grower System for plants up to 1 metre in height. The Haxnicks Grower System offers a practical solution for raising and protecting large numbers of taller plants.  It is especially useful for large brassicas and small fruit bushes. The frame takes only minutes to erect.   Above all, it will work hard all year round in the garden.  As a temporary greenhouse in spring for pots and trays and as a useful over-wintering station for tender patio plants.

    The FrameGrower_System_poly_ceover_lady_tending_plants

    The Haxnicks Grower Frame is on sale separately from its covers. The Grower Frame is made from tubular black powder-coated steel.  It slots together to make a sturdy, rust-proof frame measuring 3 metres long by 1 metre wide by 1 metre high. It comes with ground pegs to secure it down. The covers fit snugly over the frame; they are available in two different materials to give the best protection and shelter throughout the year. With four side zips for easy access and watering.  as a result the Haxnicks Grower couldn’t be easier to use.


    The Covers

    The Grower Poly Cover is made from heavy-duty, clear polythene for robust weather and pest protection and an enhanced growing environment.  The insect-proof ventilation flaps at either end control the retained warmth and humidity.

    The Grower Pest Protection Cover is just as easy to fit.  This cover uses Haxnicks’ award-winning Micromesh™ .  Therefore it has the best possible protection from insects, including aphids and carrot fly,. The ultra-fine mesh allows air and water to easily pass through, and furthermore protects against scorching and other weather damage.

    The Haxnicks Grower Frame and Grower Covers are available from all good garden centres or online here Grower System.

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