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  • Aerated Polythene is Ripening for Success

    A unique new fabric from Haxnicks –  Aerated Polythene – helps gardeners to achieve fully ripened garden produce without the aid of a greenhouse.

    Growing ripe melons, strawberries, chillies, peppers, tomatoes and other similar fruit and vegetables outside can be a challenge.  The design of EcoGreen™ Aerated Polythene promotes the ripening process.

    This new horticultural fabric is lightweight polythene with unique perforations that perform two vital functions. The perforations are 20mm in diameter allowing easy access for pollinating insects.  Therefore, plants are protected throughout the season.  There is no need to uncover for pollination. The perforations also ensure that crops are kept well ventilated.  This allows air and moisture to freely circulate around the plants, keeping them healthy and reducing the risk of disease. Compared to other fabrics it has many advantages and is easy to use.

    As an added benefit, the Aero Poly Sheet provides protection from harsh weather and keeps off the birds. Other uses include weather and pest protection for seed beds and newly sown lawns.  When laid flat on the ground it retains warmth and moisture which stimulates seed germination.  Importantly it also stops the seeds blowing away or keeps pigeons off the new lawn!

    Haxnicks Aero Poly Sheet is available as a folded sheet – 1.8 metres wide by 10 metres long.  Cut it to size to size to either lay over crops and secure with fabric pegs.  Or you could stretch it over bamboo hoops to create a mini poly tunnel.  It comes in a pale green colour which makes it less obtrusive in the garden.

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