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Autumn Gardening with Haxnicks

Caring for your garden in Autumn can be a bit of a chore with leaf clearing, digging, weeding and general tidying. Haxnicks are here to help with a great collection of products designed to make those arduous autumn garden tasks quick and easy. When growing autumn plants don't be caught out by the weather, Check out our extensive range of plant protection tools and fabrics.

Watch our Autumn Videos

We've put together a collection of Videos from our Autumn Gardening archives that demonstrate our gardening products in action.

A-Z Grow Your Own Advice

A whole alphabet of useful grow your own advice- written by Madeleine Cardozo, author of Down to Earth.

"I've used Haxnicks products for years - they're designed to do a brilliant job AND look good. Just what's needed!"
- Pippa Greenwood (Horticulturist, grow-your-own TV and radio expert, garden writer)

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