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Bell Boy Mini Propagators

Bell Boy Mini Propagators provide an instant, intensive growing system – an excellent alternative to standard propagators.

The Bell Boy includes a set of sturdy 5” Red Earth Pots Naturally made from Bamboo and Rice husks. They last for 2-3 years and take 6 months to biodegrade in the compost heap.

The Bell Boy's propagating lid features our innovative Victorian Bell Cloche design. It comes with an adjustable vent, allowing control of humidity and temperature to produce the perfect growing environment.

A space-efficient alternative to the usual seed or cell trays, they fit easily onto a windowsill so you can raise seedlings, plugs and cuttings very successfully inside your house.

Bell Boy Mini Propagator now with Pots NaturallyTM Red BBMP 72dpi.JPG

Product Details

Bell Boy Min Propagators
Height: 9" (23cm)
Diameter: 5" (14cm)
Bell Boy Mini Propagators (12 per pack)

SRP £19.99
Bell Boy Mini Propagators (3 per pack)

SRP £4.99
King Size Bells (pack of 2)

SRP £13.99

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